input channel detection skills


The ability to discriminate and identify reoccurring configurations of posture, type andquality of movement, facial expression, weight distribution, intonationcontour, rhythmic qualities of voice and body,… and to discover which statesthese configurations represent is the working definition for the skill setcalled calibration.


Calibration is the most essential and fundamental skill set in NLP. It is also the essential and fundamental skill set at the base of competency in nearly all professions.Imagine a physician without calibration skills, or a professional athlete, or aperforming artist or a courtroom attorney or a manager or…Especially among the most advanced practitioners of these professions, one finds an extraordinary set of calibrations skills.


To apply an NLPpattern without the requisite calibrations skills is equivalent to a blind person flying an aircraft. The results are poor at best and at worst border onthe criminal imposition of pre-set categories on the client or seminar participate without any respect for the integrity and needs of the client orparticipant.


Further, there are no know to us limitations on the refinements possible even for highly trained and competent professional who have already achieved a significant competency in their calibration skill sets. We mention this to defeat anycomplacency regarding skill levelseachadvance in your calibration skills will immediately suggest additional distinctions that could become systematically available with an increase in therefined use of our sensory apparatus. Developing your calibration is, likedeveloping your entire potential as a human beingthere is no natural limit to what you can achieve with discipline dpractice.

John Grinder