‘As If’ Exercise

by John Grinder


The ‘as if’ frame is oneof the key tools for mentors and advisors. The following exercise applies the‘as if’ frame as a means to help someone to bypass limiting beliefs.

'As if'
フレームはメンターとアドバイザーのためのキーとなるツールです。次の練習では、制限をかけている信念をバイパスすることを助けるための手段として、'as if 'フレームを適用します。


1. The explorer is tothink of some goal or situation about which he or she has doubt. The exploreris to express the limiting belief verbally to the mentori.e., “It is notpossible for me to . . .,“ “I am not capable of . . ., “ “I don’t deserve . . ., “ etc.



2. The mentor respectfullyencourages the explorer by saying things likes:

What would happen if (it was possible/ you werecapable/ you did deserve it?

Act ‘as if (it was possible/ you were capable/ you diddeserve it). What would it be like?

Imagine that you had already dealt with all of theissues relating to your belief that (it is not possible/ you are capable/ youdo not deserve it). What would you be thinking, doing or believing differently?






3. If other objections or interferencearise from the explorer, the mentor is to continue asking:

Act’ as if you have already dealt with thatinterference or objection How would you be responding differently?